"Ben McCready has been one of the world's leading portrait painters for more than 25 years." - University of Michigan


"One of the few people trusted to shape how these powerful executives are perceived." - The New York Times






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Ben McCready
McCready Art Studio
Madison, WI


"Benjamin McCready is one of the world's leading portrait painters. He has earned international acclaim for his stunning portraits of distinguished statesmen, corporate leaders and renowned educators. Four United States presidents have selected him for their portraits. He has more than 600 clients in 40 states...

His paintings are featured in many of America's most renowned museums, government buildings and universities. The exceptional quality of his work, his impressive list of clients and an unsurpassed record of highly successful commissions puts him at the top of his profession. Having a portrait painted by McCready is an exciting and rewarding experience, a special event you will cherish forever."
-The Guild Sourcebook

"While his great talent and incredible career speak for themselves, his clients will eagerly tell you that the true measure of his success is how much, to a person, they have loved getting to know and working with him. He makes the entire process so easy and fun and, as always, we have thoroughly enjoyed the opportunity to work again with Ben on a portrait project."
-Courtesy of the University of  Michigan

"More leading colleges and medical schools select Benjamin McCready to paint portraits than any artist in the country. He has earned a national reputation for painting the best likenesses and most 'lifelike' portraits of any artist, in the easiest way, with the best prices of any leading artist."
-National Associated Press








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