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This historic commemorative print features a capacity Michigan Stadium crowd with a distinctive Block M background. Ringing the stadium are dramatic depictions of Harmon, Carter, Chappuis, Oosterbaan, Kramer and Howard (see close-ups below), six of the greatest Wolverines ever to play in Michigan Stadium. These Michigan legends represent each era and every player who has ever donned the maize and blue. The print also features, as it has never been pictured before, an empty stadium one day prior to the Dedication Day in 1927 and sunrise over a still Michigan Stadium, on a beautiful Saturday morning, just hours before Bump Elliott or Bo Schembechler leads the Wolverines onto the field. This outstanding painting captures all of the drama and glory inherent to Michigan Stadium. These historically accurate and richly detailed images mark the first time that some of these players have been portrayed in full color action poses.     
This print is dedicated to the patients at the C.S. Mott Children's Hospital. For every print you buy, the artist will donate an additional print to C.S. Mott Children's Hospital. 

Two Sizes of Prints are Available:

Collector's Edition - 24" x 32"
1,997 individually signed and numbered $125

Open Edition - 18" x 24"
Individually signed prints $75

 These are not posters.
 They are museum quality fine art prints.

 Prints are reproduced on white Karma, acid free, pH neutral #80 cover. 

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"Ben McCready was born and raised in Ann Arbor, Michigan. His parents were graduates of the University of Michigan and his father, grandfathers, great grandfather, uncle and aunt were graduates of the University of Michigan and members of the University of Michigan faculty. His godfather was the legendary football player and coach, Bennie Oosterbaan. His grandmother was one of the first women inducted into Phi Beta Kappa at Michigan and his great grandmother was a founding member of the University of Michigan Women's League. His great grandfather, Arthur Brown, was the mayor of Ann Arbor and a lawyer for the athletic department, and his great uncles, Charles and Edgar Wyman, played football for Fielding Yost."  
University of Michigan, Bentley Historical Library

 Below are photos of Ben and Anne McCready from the 2012 ceremony honoring Bennie Oosterbaan (Ben's godfather), and photos of Ben and Anne with their son Bo, his wife Brittany, and their daughter Maisie from the 2015 ceremony retiring Bennie Oosterbaan's jersey (click to expand).